Rishi R. Sharma

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

Colgate University

Research Areas:

 International Trade

International Taxation

Public Finance

Nepalese Economy

229A Persson Hall

Hamilton, NY, 13346

Tel: (315) 228-7523



Working Papers

Strategic Cyberwarfare, with Erik Lillethun

The Simple Analytics of Trade Creation and Diversion, with Alan Deardorff


Buying Lottery Tickets for Foreign Workers: Lost Quota Rents Induced by H-1B Policy, with Chad Sparber

Journal of International Economics, 150 (July 2024), 103932

An Anatomy of Nepal's Remarkable Export Decline: A Note

Journal of Asian Economics, 89 (December 2023), 101663

Tax Losses and Ex-Ante Offshore Transfer of Intellectual Property, with Joel Slemrod and Michael Stimmelmayr

Journal of Public Economics, 226 (October 2023), 104967

Trade Barriers and CO2, with Rick Klotz

Journal of International Economics, 141 (March 2023), 103726

Coverage: Nature Climate Change

Preferential Trade Agreements and MFN Tariffs: Global Evidence, with David Kuenzel

European Economic Review, 138 (September 2021), 103850

Exempted Sectors in Free Trade Agreements, with Alan Deardorff

Canadian Journal of Economics, 54:1 (February 2021), 284-310

Does the VAT Tax Exports?

Economic Inquiry, 58:1 (January 2020), 225-240

Incentives to Tax Foreign Investors

International Tax and Public Finance, 26:2 (April 2019), 257-281

Optimal Tariffs with Inframarginal Exporters

Review of International Economics, 26:4 (September 2018), 768-783

Taxing and Subsidizing Foreign Investors

FinanzArchiv/Public Finance Analysis, 73:4 (December 2017), 402-423


ECON 489/490: Honors Seminar in Economics

ECON 450: Seminar in International Economics

ECON 349: Topics in International Trade

ECON 251: Intermediate Microeconomics

ECON 151: Introduction to Economics

CORE 143S: Introduction to Statistics